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October 18, 2009

Aadhavan Review

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Aadhavan is your typical KSRavikumar masala movie,the movie, not even a single minute pretend itself to be serious.aadhavan-stills-0011


Story is  very simple,a professional Assassin(Suriya) was assigned to murder a judge who was the head of the commission which deals with the killing of kids  ala Nithari Killings.Aadhavan misses the target once, and he takes himself a challenge that he will murder that judge.Then he enters into the BIGGGGGGGGGG family of Judge(Murali) as a cook and plans for the murder.Who is Suriya is the only twist(but anyhow everyone would’ve guessed it)

*** End of Spoiler*****

Luckily I got ticket on the first day , and seen the movie with heavy crowd, thanks to them I dint hear any dialog for first 15 minutes.Like I said the story has nothing new in it, I wonder why Ramesh Kanna was credited for the story.The movie is completely made with caricature characters like Saroja devi,Nayanthara,Alex,Manobala… and numerous other unknown faces .Huh the movie has nothing new to offer you.

B13 inspired first action scene, and a bigg bigg family with grandma and granddaughter’s cat fight,criminal police !!!!,strict judge, hero carrying bathroom slippers to attract the owner of the house… all cinematic Cliches throughout the movie in the name of commercial Cinema.

But,first half of the movie  stands on 2 pillars,one is Suriya, he is at his charming best ,and the main pillar is Vadivelu he is in stupendous form,every dialog he delivers is responded immediately by the audience.I always have a feeling that Vadivelu has the potential to be a lead in the movie instead he is wasted in tracks in all his movies,where as in this movie he was like a second hero in the first half, and shown his potential again.Nayanthara, Saroja devi,Sathyan,Anadbabu,Shayajishinde,Murali,fefsi vijayan,Reyaz khan.. all are there.. thats it nothing more to them.

In first half songs are your 5 minute breaks, second half songs are ok , but even then,Wont Suriya be bored of doing same kinda songs (suttum vizhi chudare look alike songs.. ) in all his movies, the same for Harris more or less looks like a repetitive and gives you “Heard it and seen it  somewhere ” feeling.The situation in which the songs were placed are utterly silly.

Most importantly the 10 year old character performed by Suriya himself, it was good and its completely believable , nice Graphic, work though it gives some kinda weird feeling, the CG looks convincing for me,but again it really distracts you from getting into the feelings of a 10 year old while you were amused with the way it is made.

Camerawork and editing is slick,though action scenes are well made, I dont know why it is not equally standard as the original, may be the actor himself (David belle) completely performed his stunts in B13 , where as Suriya does some with rope and others are also flying with rope.huh..Either Suriya should learn  Le Parkour(stunt variety) all by himself and should perform it on screen from end to end without any slow motion, or he should better stick to our tamil cinema “Dishoom Dishoom” fights, cos all the hard work he puts in the stunt work is not being appreciated by the editor or cameraman or director to make it look like spine chilling..For the original chase scene from where this stunt was copied please follow the link(

Okay finally my opinion on this movie, its a complete masala  movie ,with lot of loopholes,not even better than Ayan(1000 times better than anyother Vijay commercial flicks 🙂 )  ,If you are Suriya fan you will enjoy the whole movie or if you are a Vadivelu fan you will enjoy at least first half of the movie.

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