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October 12, 2009

Kamal 50 years in Tamil Cinema Vijay tv Part 1

Vijay Tv has recently held a grand function for marking Kamal Hassan’s 50th year in Indian Cinema.

I came late from office , about 45 minutes, I’m sure nothing more would have happened except for the red carpet welcome.

I dont have any videos, so I’ll just put down some transcripts of the first part.

The show was basically designed in such a way that famous movie clippings of every decade was shown and Important persons of that era came to stage and showered praise on Kamal hassan.

1960 : AVM Saravanan

” Kamal came to me  and told  that he want to act in a movie, I took him to my father AV Meyyappa chettiar(AVM), after seeing that Kid, he moved the Lamp to his face and said ‘ this guy is going to act in our next movie’,so my father was the one who shown light to Kamal first”

“I admire Kamal and Rajini for their comradrie”

Saroja devi:

“He is my handsome kid………”


K Balachander: “He keeps telling me that I’m his guru , but even if I dint take him in the movie Arengatram also he would be  a star by now, he is more like a Yugapurush, none before, none will come in near future. ”

Sivakumar:” I’m really happy and proud for my brother ,I pray the almighty to wish him all the very best and for the next 5th year celebration as well ”


SPMuthuraman: “Kalathur Kanamma was my first movie as assistant director, and Manorama Achi’s movie as a female comedian , so we can proudly say that its our 50th anniversary function as well.When he was a kid I use to take him walk around the sets showing this is lighting, this room is editing room, this is set.. but after these many years this guy is taking me and showing his collections, this is world cinema, this is how it was shot, really happy to see him ”

Prabhu : ” More than me and my brother Ramkumar, Kamal was the one who spent more time with my father, so I can say that Kamal is the real heir for my Dad in acting ”

Jayaram : “I can proudly say that before Tamil industry finds Kamal as a hero material we were the one who introduced Kamal as Hero.In my college days I used to do some mimicry , even I got my first award for doing a mimicry like Kamal.I got a chance to act with him in 4 movies so far, I’m really proud of that ”

Next came the real show stopper Radhika.. I never expected her to be this much talkative, she didn’t bother about anyone or anything on stage, she was the show stealer so far.

Radhika : ” All are prasing Kamal is this and Kamal is that , can any one dare to  say that, without heroines like us, will any one say that Kamal is ‘Kaadhal Mannan’?… no chance. I acted as his partner after my  10 years in Tamil cine industry ,  every time I see a movie or  movie still with Kamal romancing a heroine I always believe that Kamal loves that girl in real life also, but after acting with him only I came to know that , he can even act sincerely  like he is loving a buffalo(its a compliment 🙂 ) . I like Kamal Hassan’s eyes very much its so gracious ” after saying that she called upon all heroines on stage .

I like Kamal and Tabu conversation a bit

Tabu :I learnt a lot while working under Kamal, especially how to sit patiently while doing make-up, because he will be sitting in make-up room continuously for 5 hours”

Kamal : Dont worry Tabu, You dont need a make-up 🙂

Goutami  : ” I’ve acted only 4 movies with him , after these many years I wanted to say only one thing to him ‘THANKS’ ”

Goutami’s speech was too sentimental , Radhika kept introducing her as real life compliemnt for Kamal Hassan.

After receiving the compliments from all heroines Kamal said “I can bravely say that, even with Goutami on stage,(???) ‘I LOVE YOU ALL ‘ ”

Radhika with her don’t care attitude surely set the function the cheer tone .

Then SPB and Hariharan made a wonderful , stalling performance on stage , they sung a dozen Kama lsongs. The way they both complimented each other was too nice to hear and see, and the Pianist also enjoyed the improvisations by Hariharan and SPB,it was a perfect Jugal Bandhi

Gopinath Vijay tv compere also used his trademark language and kept the stage alive.

It was really good to see all the big shots of all Industry, who and who of South Indian film Industry came and attended it it really was a multi star extravaganza ”

Few of my opinions

May be after spending much time with our CM , he also like people complimenting him on stage 🙂 may be.

Waiting for tomorrow’s part 2: Hope my onsite coordinator  or my manager dint give me any work tomorrow 🙂 till then bye

For the Second part of the show

Kamal 50 Vijay tv part 2

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