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October 16, 2009

Peraanmai Tamil movie Review

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We have to give a big hand to S.P.Jananathan for picking up a theme which we rarely see in Tamil movies. But did he really made this movie an interesting watch is the big



The story goes like this; India is planning to launch a rocket with Satellite used to develop agriculture in the country. The launch pad is on the mountains of a dense forest near to a NSS camp training where Jeyam Ravi is a forest ranger, who gives training to female NSS cadres. Ravi takes 5 girls into the forest as part of training and they finds out the planned attack on the rocket and with the help of the girls he plans to spoil the enemies’ mission.

************end of spoilers *********

The theme is off beat but the treatment of the theme is spoilt with the songs and ‘the not so pleasing’ girls hostel bathroom jokes at the beginning. For the first 35 minutes almost most of the dialogs where chopped out and filled with music alone. Jananathan wanted to show the lives of tribals and how reservation helped out people like them, and like his other movie “E” this movie is also filled with communism, Karl Marx and Dostoevsky in fact it look like a documentary at some point but I have to admit director’s guts to add these elements into a commercial movie.

Coming to the performance, Jeyam Ravi is the greatest strength to this movie, I’m not much of a fan of him , but in this movie he is the real scorer, each and every inch of the movie he lived like a ranger with a tribal origin(I still wonder how he knows the name and nuances of the modern day weapons at his finger-point) .

Among the 5 girls, girl acted as Kalpana had done her part well, but the twists in the whole movie happens when one of the 5 girls dont listen to Ravi’s words, and put Ravi in trouble the same thing was running through out the movie so it was really boring after some time and viewers started to roar after some point of time.

Music is good.

Cameraman and art director are splendid, especially cameraman was so excellent through out, and never seen a complete movie taken inside a dense forest and the visuals were too good.

Dialogs are also powerful (though most were chopped out 🙂 )

After the dismal graphics in “E” , the graphics in the movie is some what convincing.

Jananthan failed to bring the necessary twists in script, and the girls except for the last 30 minutes they were asking some double meaning questions all over the movie, so we don’t really feel for them and among the five girls I don’t remember 3 faces completely, thanks to their characterization.

When taking a movie with 5 characters of same age, scriptwriter should take extra care to bring the difference in characterization, here he completely missed it out.

My opinion is the movie should’ve started from 30 minutes before the Intermission; at least it would’ve been a complete action movie.

See it on a Saturday evening with 0 expectations you may like it

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