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October 21, 2009

2 States:New Chetan Bhagat book Review (Small :) )

This is the opinion given by my friend on the book “ 2 States (The story of my marriage) “

I found this to be too gud compared to 3 mistakes and 1nite at call center.luvd it as much as 5pt someone…

V can relate ourselves to many instances in the story and especially for those who r in luv, can adapt some ideas from this book to convince the parents for marriage.

It gives a perfect opportunity to indulge ourself in South India VS NorthIndia culture,music and soo much.The love story of krish(a punjabi guy) and Ananya(a tamilian gal),all the hurdles they came across to win over each other’s famliy cos they din want to elope.In India, marriages are not only to get a good life partner,its more like becoming a member of Spouse’s family.In fact,Krish gets 4 gold rings made to propose girl’s entire family!!what more to say…Must read for everyone to know what lovers go through to make everyone accept their love .

I’ll get that book by this week , I will post my review next week


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